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Hello, my name Connie Reimers-Hild (aka Dr. Connie). I am a Futurist focused on helping people untame their futures by changing their beliefs and behaviors about what is possible. My company works with leaders and businesses at the intersection of changes in science and technology, environmental sustainability, shifts and prosperity, and what it means to be human in the middle of all the rapid change occurring in the world.

I am the Founder and Chief Futurist of Wild Innovation, a strategic foresight and leadership development firm that has helped more than 150 companies and 30,000 individuals determine and pursue their desired futures.

Before launching Wild Innovation full-time, I served as the Executive Director and Chief Futurist for the Rural Futures Institute (RFI) at the University of Nebraska. While at RFI, I hosted the Rural Futures podcast, started an inclusive leadership fellows program, and established key partnerships with small businesses as well as tech firms like Microsoft and Apple.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, Strengths Coach, and Futurist with a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Sciences and Leadership Studies, a Master of Science degree in Entomology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resources. In addition to helping people live and lead their desired futures, I love strategizing, firewalking, sledding, swimming with sharks, and experiencing new adventures with my family.

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My clients and friends ask me to answer questions as well as recommend products and services that I trust.

This page and my blog (askdrconnie.com) are designed to help answer questions and make life easier for people who want to check out my recommendations.


Age Like a Futurist

Aging is an area that I have been studying and personally experimenting with for quite some time. No one want to look good for "their age" or feel old. Stay tuned for more information on how to age well and embrace those important life transitions!

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Remodel Like a Futurist

One of my Wild Moonshots is living on a lake. We finally bought a lake house-that needed a ton of work! This page contains products I have used to make my Wild Moonshot come true!

Amy Howard Paints

I absolutely love Amy Howard's One Step Paints! They cover oak trim beautifully and make old furniture look like new. Best of all? NO primer needed!

Wet Edge Boat Paint

I refinished a slide, our pontoon and the front door with this stuff-it is amazing! And, I love the colors. Sea Foam made the slide and pontoon so fun to look at and use. Bright yellow is the new color of our front door.

DeWalt Tools

A girl has to have the right tools for the job, and in our case-it is one big job! So, we had to get tough tools with staying power. I really like DeWalt because they are easy to handle, and I can interchange the batteries to get more done!

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